Y’all are fake. David is the only one who keeps up with me, but I still miss most of y’all. 

And buy Lykke Li’s third studio album “I Never Learn” on iTunes this Tuesday, you disloyal, inconsistent, unreliable ass gays.

I think I’m actually just going to leave this blog inactive and give my password to someone else rather than deleting it entirely in case I decide to come back at a later time. Regardless of whether I eventually return or not, I’m more than grateful for the friendships I’ve made during my time on here and, most importantly, humbled by the opportunity I’ve had to get to know a select few on a more personal level. I’ll miss you all. Thanks for sticking around for so long if you have. Bye guys.

I’m probably deactivating this tomorrow night if I’m able to get on, but if not, then I definitely will be some time later this week. If we’re mutuals, feel free to ask for my contact info if you’d like to keep in touch. Otherwise, it’s been fun, and I’ve enjoyed meeting and making friends with some of you, but I feel like my time on here has finally run its course. Thanks for putting up with me for so long. Bye to all you messy gays. Continue the flagrance in my absence.

God, I’m such a horrible fucking person.

The Destroyer of Nations

The Destroyer of Nations


im so angry the next generations will probably have virtual reality and alien contact and we have republicans and windows 8